TMAX Flexible Shaft Extension Cord for Rotary Tool Grinder 3148

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  • TMAX Flexible Shaft Replacement for Grinder 3148 Drill Bit Extension Drill Drive Shaft Flexible Flex Shaft Extension Cord Rotary Tool for Drilling Grinding Polishing
  • The shaft match TMAX grinder SKU 3148. Handle is listed as a separate replacement items.
  • To remove the broken shaft: First pull out existing handle from the broken shaft. The handle is secured with spring load metal ball. Unscrew the shaft connector clockwise from the grinder ( Note that it is reverse threaded). Pull down the metal shaft outer shield to expose steel inner core. Unscrew the inner core from the grinder using included L bar.
  • To install the replacement shaft: Pull out steel inner core. Secure the inner core to the grinder with the included L shape bar wrench. Screw the shaft connector counter closewise to the grinder. Slide the end of inner core into the groove inside the handle. Push handle back to the shaft.
  • The shaft is 3 feet (1 meter) long with heavy duty metal outer shield.