"The Rotary Burr was of high quality and very well made. Would purchase again."

SC-5 NF Aluminum Cut Carbide Burr

Hunter Millworks, Inc.

"Good sharp bit...cut perfect, no stalling, minimal heat buildup. Quality bit, will buy this brand again."

12 Size Spiral Step Drill Bit

Azzy's Design Works

"This is a great product, I do a lot of small pieces and polish them via felt wheels. They last a long time, and I use them for everything polishing! Small and able is what they are and great even when they get down so small you might think to throw them away, have used them until they are so small that they fall off the mandrel."

100 Piece Felt Polishing Burrs

The Nerd Squad

"These tips are good for just about any type of polishing, even dog teeth! I have used them for many types of polishing and they are constructed in a way that gets into most spots."

10 Piece Rubber Polishing Burrs

Tango's Haus

NEW Lugnut Sets Now Available

Choose the appropriate thread size in chrome or black chrome and get the 20 piece set of your choosing.

Anti-Theft Wheel Lock Lugnuts and Keys (4 lugnuts + 2 keys) are also available in chrome in multiple thread sizes.