TEMO #329 Anti-Theft Wheel Lug Nut Removal Key 3440 Compatible for Mercedes Benz

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  • TEMO #329 Anti-Theft Wheel Lug Nut Removal Key 3440 for Mercedes Benz
  • One piece anti-theft lugnut key for selected Mercedes Benz vehicles. Interior black surface is made with Manganese Phosphate Coating.
  • To determine which key you need, visually match the key pattern to the locking lug nuts on your vehicle. Key compatibility is not based on the make, model or year of the vehicle. When removing your lug nuts, it is best to evenly loosen each nut on the wheel as opposed to completely removing one at a time, this helps reduce pressure on the remaining nuts.
  • Line up socket with nut tightly; turn counter-clockwise to loosen nuts. Not intended for use with impact wrench.
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