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TEMO 3 Jaw Chuck Handle Fit Flexible Shaft on Rotary Tool Grinder 3148

$16.99 $24.99

SKU: 3451

UPC: 718117680847

Sample text

  • TEMO Handle Key Replacement for Grinder 3148 Drill Chuck for Flex 3 Jaws, Fit Flexible Shaft for Rotary Grinder
  • The handle match TEMO grinder SKU 3148. Flexible shaft and step switch are listed as separate replacement items.
  • To remove the broken handle: First pull out existing handle from the broken shaft. The handle is secured with spring load metal ball.
  • To install the replacement handle: Slide the end of shaft inner core into the groove inside the handle. Push handle back to the shaft.
  • The handle is 1.5" diameter and 7" long.
  • Golden Coulee

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