TEMO 240 pc Heavy Duty Nut and Bolt Assortment Set Kit M4 M5 M6 M8 M10

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  • 80pc Hex Head Bolts: 10pc M5x25, 10pc M5x16, 10pc M6x20, 5pc M10x16, 10pc M6x30, 5p M10x40, 5p M8x25, 5p M8x40, 10pc M4x20, 10pc M4x12
  • 80pc Hex Nuts: 20pc M5, 10 pc M8, 10pc M10, 20pc M6, 20pc M4;
  • 80pc lock Washers- 20pc M4, 20pc M5, 20pc M6, 10pc M8, 10 pcM10
  • Professional assortment of necessary parts and pieces for production or replacement. | All held in heavy duty case.
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