TEMO 8p Diamond Polishing Pads DRY Wheel Disc SET w Holder Compatible for Dremel

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  • Assorted 8 pieces of 100mm 4" DRY diamond marble polishing pads with a standard backer/holder.
  • They are heavy duty and Velcro backed pads in GRIT 50 (Blue), 100 (Yellow), 200 (Orange), 400 (Red), 800 (Green), 1500 (Cyan), 3000 (Brown), and 10000 (black buff), total 8 pcs.
  • The holder connects to many different machines with a standard 5/8-11 thread arbor. Recommended RPM is 2000-4400.
  • Suitable for polish the granite, marble and all kind of natural stones. | no water is needed when use. Dry polishing pads should be in hexagon figure as shown in picture. Some seller sells wet polishing pads as dry type.
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